For questions, problems, or requests about the game, first read the "Support policy" below.

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Support policy

▼Customer Support Hours▼

Submission form is available 24/7, however customer support will not be available during weekends and holidays. Operational hours are 11:00 to 18:00 Japan Time Zone.

Inquiries submitted during non-operating hours will be replied to the e-mail address written in the mail form from the next day.


Please note in advance.

Customer Support Guidelines

1:We cannot answer question in regards to gameplay, strategy, or walkthroughs.

We may not be able to answer any inquiries, including those not related to gameplay, strategy, or walkthroughs.

Please note in advance.

2. Depending on the content of your inquiry, it may take time for us to respond.

For that reason, we cannot designate a response schedule and respond to urgent inquiries.

3. Responses to inquiries are for the individual customers only.

Please do not share or transfer the responses for any other use besides personal reference.

4. In case email is undeliverable, or depending on the type of requested information, we may prefer another form of contact.

5. Inquiries regarding in-game harassment will be investigated and acted upon accordingly.

We may be unable to fully assist you depending on the nature of the issue.

Actions taken will not be shared with the reporter.

6. Response may be delayed if the inquiry contains multiple comments or requests.

For a quicker response,

Please agree to the above "Support Policy" prior to making a submission.

Flow of How Inquiries Are Handled

1. An automated confirmation mail will be sent to you after making an inquiry to Celes Arca Support.

Please read this confirmation mail thoroughly.

2. After the automated confirmation mail has been sent, the Celes Arca Support team will reply to your inquiry in business days.

3. Depending on the content of your inquiry, we may be required to contact you again.

*If you do not receive the automated confirmation mail, the email address provided may be mistaken.

Also, we recommend that you check your deleted items or 'Junk Mail' folder, including your mail filter settings.

Please confirm the provided email address and your mail settings whether you can accept from the domain Then, please contact us again.

▼About Support during the National Holiday Week▼

Celes Arca Customer Support will be closed during the following period.

4/26/2014 (Sat) - 5/6/2014 (Tue)

**4/28 (Mon), 4/30 (Wed), 5/1 (Thu), and 5/2 (Fri) will be open for business hours.

Submission form is available during closed days, however replies will be done from the following business day in the order received.

Please note that replies may take longer than usual days.

Server monitoring will be done as usual during the closed days.

Contact us form

Please submit your inquiry from the form at the application launch if you can start the application. This form may have limitation in contacting you.

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