About online games

"Celes Arca Online" is an online game which can be enjoyed through the internet with many people.

Through the participation of many people on the same game, communication with others can be enjoyed which is a special part of online games.

Although online games are based in virtual worlds, characters are played by actual individuals.

Unlike games played alone, there are actual people playing so please be careful to play with others with good respect and manners.

Some statements and actions may be offensive or uncomfortable to others which may lead to some problems.

Inappropriate actions such as slandering and abusing others and infringing copyrights and likeness, spreading or sending obscene contents, soliciting and sales actions of services that are not related to the game are prohibited.

If you let another person use your mobile phone, you are in the risk of losing items or having your members information changed without the aware of it.

For everyone to play with comfort, please follow the game manner rules below and enjoy the world of "Celes Arca Online".


Statements that can be offensive or following people around when they are not desired can subject to punishment from harassment. Play manners should be kept in mind.

In-game chat abusive actions

In-game chat is seen by many players.

Statements than can be offensive or uncomfortable to other players can subject to punishment.

When making statements in chat, please be careful not to discomfort others.

Please cooperate with other players.

There are beginners and people who are still not used to the game.

If you are asked help from them, please try to help them out and keep the game environment in good condition.

Management for your phone.

Keep your phone secured.

Do not give away your password even to close friends.

If you were asked to give away your password or other information, there is a possiblity that it will be used for illegal use.

Do not give away your password even if you are asked in the game.

The GM in our company will never ask our customers personal information or passwords in the game.

By lending phones and giving out passwords, there is a risk of getting in to problems like "deletion of your character" or your "items disappearing".

Keep your phone and your password secure.

Do not lend or share your phone with others even with close friends.

Lending and sharing phones can be against the unauthorized computer access law which can subject to punishment.

We cannot compensate on any problems that occurred by giving away your password to others.

Change your password periodically.

Setting your password in a very easy way to predict like "abcdef" or "11111", there is a risk of having your password stolen from someone else. If you have a password that is easy to predict please reset your password and change your password periodically for your security.

Links to the fansites

Links to fansites or others can be modified to illegal sites.

Addresses that were stated by illegal player characters may also be lead to illegal sites as well.

We cannot compensate on any problems made by accessing illegal sites.

For your health

Please be careful with your health conditions and enjoy playing.

1.Please keep your room light and stay away from the screen as possible while playing.

A very small percentage of individuals may experience temporary symptoms such as muscle convulsions or loss of consciousness when exposed to strong light patterns.

If you had experience with the symptoms above, consult a doctor beforehand.

2.For your health, take a 15 minute break every hour.

3.Refrain from playing when you are tired or lacking sleep.

4.Stop playing immediately when you have the folowing symptoms - dizziness, nausea, motion sickness or something similar.

5.Consult a doctor if you still do not feel better after stopped playing.

6.Stop playing immediately if you feel discomfort or pain in the eye, ear, hand, arm, or other parts of your body. If you do not feel better after a while, consult a doctor.

The manners online are the same as the manners you follow in everyday life. For everyone to enjoy playing, please follow the rules above and keep your phone and password secure as possible.